Specialists Programs

We offer many specialist programs to cater for the individual needs of all our students.  These programs include: 


Our Science program aims to provide students with hands-on experiences to increase engagement and find ways to link science to their everyday lives.

Within in our purpose-build science room, students investigate Biological, Earth and Space, Physical and Chemical Sciences by engaging, exploring, explaining, elaborating and evaluating the different ‘Science Understandings’.



Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program provides an exciting and positive learning environment for budding artists to develop their confidence, curiosity, imagination and artistic abilities.  In Visual Arts students make and respond to artworks, drawing on the world as a source of ideas.

Students learn about the visual elements of art through practical hands on activities that develop skills, techniques and processes. They engage with, and explore, the qualities and properties of different materials as well as approaches such as painting, collage, sculpture, drawing, print making and ceramics.

A highlight of the program is the participation in community arts events. These events not only give the opportunity for students to display their work, but also give a valuable insight into the processes involved in preparing for an exhibition.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program explicitly teaches students the fundamental movement skills that enable them to succeed in their athletic endeavours. Students acquire important game sense skills through exposure to a variety of team-based sports and games.

Throughout the year, students may participate in Inter-school Athletics, Inter-school Cross Country and whole school Athletics Carnivals.

Digital Technologies

Our Digital Technologies program enable students to engage with a variety of digital technology tools such as desktop computers, iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards, cameras and coding devices, such as Bee Bots, Sphero’s and Edison.

Teachers use these tools to engage students, enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and to develop students’ problem solving, creative and critical thinking.

Japanese Language

Our Japanese program introduces students to the language skills necessary for basic communication in Japanese within a specific context. The program exposes students to authentic Japanese texts such as manga, illustrated stories, folk tales, television commercials, animations and songs. 

Through the learning program students develop understandings about the geography of Japan, its people and culture and its role in the world. Emphasis is placed on providing students with the essential learning skills needed to develop proficiency in any foreign language. 

Students are encouraged to use spoken Japanese as an alternative means of communication in and outside the classroom.

The Institute of Indigenous Wellbeing and Sport of WA (IIWSWA) is an Aboriginal-controlled corporation and health promotion charity. They aim to improve the physical health and well-being of Aboriginal community members.

The Young Achievers Club is a culturally secure support program that uses a strengths perspective to improve education outcomes, health & wellbeing, and cultural connection for Aboriginal students. Key elements of the program include:

  • Aspirational Aboriginal Role Models
Traditional Indigenous Games

  • Leadership and personal development

  • Cultural celebration & connection