Vision & Values

At Hillman Primary School, children are supported through an inclusive and welcoming environment. Teaching practices are responsive to the needs and abilities of all students.

We promote resiliency through a differentiated approach to the emotional and social wellbeing of all members in the school community. We help all children to strive to do their best and take control of their learning.

We are respectful and collaborative and we work in partnership with parents and the wider school community to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

Our Vision

Belong – dandjoo

Learn – kaadatj

Achieve – woola

A learning community, where we belong, learn, and achieve

Our Culture

Our values provide the foundation for building a sense of belonging and respecting everyone’s right to learn. Through collaboration between students, family and school we all achieve.

We strive to develop students that: 

  • demonstrate Respect
  • take Responsibility
  • are Resilient
  • look after Relationships

Our Strategy

Our school engages in a rigorous process of school self-assessment and improvement to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our students. Our School Self-Assessment and Improvement Model guides our school to build a climate of belonging and learning enabling every student, in every classroom to achieve every day.