Art Mile Project

This term a number of our students have been participating in the Artmile International Collaborative Learning (AICL) project. The project is an art collaboration with the Anjo-Chubu Elementary School in Japan. The project aims to foster understanding and cooperation between students in both schools, developing global citizens who will create a peaceful and sustainable. Students in Japan painted half of the mural first and sent it to our school in December. Our students have now finished the other half and are ready to send it back to Japan. We are very proud of our students’ efforts. 

Science of Reading

Our whole school focus over the duration of our new 3-year business plan is to improve students’ outcomes in Reading. Last week we began our journey in this area with our staff participating in the first session on the Science of Reading. The session covered the current research on the teaching of reading and the science behind how children learn to read. The subsequent sessions will lay the foundation for our work as a staff in developing whole-school approaches to the teaching of Reading. Our staff will participate in their second session this term. We look forward to continuing to update you on our progress in this key improvement area.

Zones of Regulation

This year we are implementing a whole school student social-emotional approach called the Zones of Regulation. This is a key improvement strategy in the Learning Environment domain of our new business plan and will address the identified need for a whole school social-emotional program that explicitly teaches students emotional control and regulation.  

Our staff received training on the Zones of Regulation on the first staff development day of Term 1 2022. We will begin to implement the program this term. We look forward to sharing with you the learning and progress our students make as a result of the program. If you want to find out more about Zones of Regulation, please visit the Social-Emotional Programs page of our website.