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Parent Code of Conduct

Children learn best by example. At Hillman Primary School we ask our parents to demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times.
Our Parent Code of Conduct helps us create a positive, comfortable and threat-free environment for our students, staff and school community.

Thank you for reading and following our Parent Code of Conduct:

  • Parents with an issue or matters of concern must use the appropriate channels so as not to disrupt school procedures or create a public scene. More information about the best ways to talk to your school can be found here. (Link to PDF)
  • Parents must not harass other parents, students and teaching or administration staff. Should this be breached, the Principal will take appropriate action.
  • Interference by parents in school procedures at sporting events, incursions or excursions will not be accepted.
  • Parents should conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times.
  • Parents must not use derogatory language or violence in any form. This applies to spectators, coaches, students and players.
  • Parents should show good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Parents should encourage children to participate and follow the rules and the official’s decisions.
  • All parents need to demonstrate appropriate social behaviour and be prepared to take responsibility for their actions.
  • This Code of Conduct applies to all parents including those on school committees eg P&C, School Board etc.
  • Remember that children play and participate in organised school activities for fun. They are not participating for the entertainment of spectators and parents only, nor are they miniature professionals.


  • Classrooms must not be interrupted during school times unless a leave pass has been obtained from the office.
  • Should leave be required eg for a student to attend an appointment, a leave pass must be arranged and obtained from the front office before collecting your child from their classroom.
  • Parents who wish to discuss matters with a teacher are asked to make an appointment so as not to interrupt valuable teaching time. More information about the best ways to talk to your school can be found here. (Link to PDF)
  • Parents must keep their child’s medical records and contact details up to date so that in the case of an emergency, valuable time is not wasted and a clear picture of your child’s health is at hand.
  • The staff car park is not to be used for dropping off or picking up students. Pathways are to be used only to gain access or to depart from the school. This is to guarantee safety for all those concerned.
  • Students who cycle to school must wear a helmet, use the under pass facilities (if possible) and are not permitted to ride their bikes or scooters on the school premises.
  • Alcohol, drugs, smoking and dogs are not permitted on the school premises.

Our aim is open and honest communication and cooperation between parents, staff and the school. We can work together to create a safe, healthy and happy environment for our students and the wider school community.