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Parents and Citizens Association

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) that operates at our school is a great link between parents in the community and the school leadership team. P&C meetings are a valuable way to have your opinion on school issues heard. Your involvement is important and appreciated.

The P&C also provides additional amenities for the school and in the past have provide computers, playground equipment and learning resources.

All parents are welcome to attend meetings and are able to become members of the P&C. In order to vote at meetings you need to be a paying member (memberships are $1.00 per year).

P&C Contacts:

Assistant to the President of the P&C – Amee Cox      

T: 0404 163 194

E: ameecox@hotmail.com

Assistant to the Secretary of the P&C – Kristy Simms  

T: 0414 892 047

E: kanddsimms@gmail.com

Treasurer – Elke Maas  

T: 0435 314 181

E: maas@iinet.net.au