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Parents and Citizens Association

“Doing it for our kids.”

All parents are welcome to attend meetings and are able to become members of the P&C. In order to vote at meetings you need to be a paying member (memberships are $1.00 per year).

P&C Members:

President –          Kristy Simms

Vice President –   Theresa Kissell

Secretary –          Fiona Nutz

Treasurer –           Michaela Williams

Canteen –             Theresa Kissell

Uniform Shop –    Laura Harley

Executive members: Shaynea Kissell, Alicia Wren, Delisa Earl

You can contact the P&C via the Hillman Primary School front office or via email President.hillmanpnc@gmail.com, Secretary.hillmanpnc@gmail.com. Please attention the emails to the P&C.