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Welcome to Hillman Primary School.

At Hillman Primary School we provide your child with a learning environment that caters for your child’s needs and support their academic, physical, social and creative skills. As such, staff are committed to providing excellent standards of teaching and learning in all programs. We select tools and resources that are reflective of best practice and provide your child with a range of opportunities to become a successful learner. 

We are an Independent Public School and our sense of tradition is embedded in a strong community culture and our values (Choose Respect) are clearly articulated by all members of the Hillman community, including students, staff and parents.

We know that if children are motivated, persevere with difficult tasks and focus their attention, they are more likely to succeed in whatever they do. Our partnership with you, as parents, is important and reinforces these learning qualities. 

Latest News

Science boost for primary schools

One hundred public primary schools have been selected to have existing classrooms converted to science laboratories. Schools were selected based on their plans to grow and improve science education at their schools.

Successful schools also receive a one-off grant of $25 000 to purchase science resources.

This forms part of the State Government’s $12 million commitment to convert 200 existing primary school classrooms to science laboratories by 2021, with an additional $5 million for science resources. A further 100 schools will be selected for the initiative in 2019.

Work will start in 2018 or 2019. The funding for science resources will be allocated when each classroom is complete.

Successful primary schools include: HILLMAN PRIMARY SCHOOL

Up Coming Events –

  • Wednesday   6th Dec   –  Graduation Dinner.
  • Thursday       7th Dec   –  Book awards.
  • Friday             8th Dec –    Gold certificate excursion.
  • Monday          11th Dec – Reports go home
  • Tuesday        12th Dec – Christmas Sing-a-long
  • Wednesday   13th Dec – Graduation Assembly
  • Thursday        14th Dec – Students last day